Do theatres have personalities like people?  Or do they assume the personalities of the owners or the organizations that run them.  Probably the latter I suspect.  But this is a fairly complex process and is not as simple as it sounds.  The people who use the theatre have an influence as do those who manage and run the physical building as well as the administrative staff.  And audiences – anyone who has performed knows that feeling the audience creates even before the production starts.

And then we come to political masters who attempt to keep the finger on the pulse of theatrical ventures and if they consider it necessary and worthwhile provide life support for specific ideologies.

Can a building that was used for oppression overcome its’ background by changing the use it is put to?  Does memory linger in the building blocks of the building as well as in the memory blocks of people’s minds?

I would be very interested to hear if anyone has written on this subject or if anyone has ideas and opinions on the subject.

The work of the Amy Biehl foundation has set a wonderful example as to what can be done to generate an income for NGOs and therefore not be totally dependent on funding for survival.  Read about their wonderful work and the people who work so hard for those in real need to benefit.