An avid reader, I have suffered withdrawal symptoms not having access to my normal channels of reading material.  And then I remembered our home Library started by our father many years ago.  I started to peruse the shelves for books I had not read.  There were whole volumes of short stories from different countries.  Even the way the way they were categorized was a learning experience.

So I scanned the titles and then selected randomly one of the 10 double volume books titled, The World’s Thousand Best Short Stories, Old German, Spanish, Portuguese Vols. 17 & 18

If I wasn’t depressed, worried and fearful before I started reading I became that fairly quickly after reading these stories.  Man is mans own worst enemy, his greed, violence and terrible desire for power leads to so many of all our ailments.   Different countries, periods in time, politics but nothing is different in our country at this time.  Corruption, fighting, sickness, ill treatment of animals and women yes all there from 1700 – 1895 and here we are in 2020 and I see no sign of improvement.

But on I read, trying another volume, 13 & 14 Russian etc. American.  Etc, by the way, included Egypt, Persia, Rumania, Serbia and Croatia amongst others.  The same depressing stories of mankind’s atrocities and adding racism to the mix. Are we all doomed to repeat our mistakes on an ever increasing scale?

On a lighter note, you can decide, who do we elect to run our country efficiently and without corruption?

My suggestions are as follows: Ballet dancers/teachers because they are not frightened of hard work and don’t do it for the money.  They are used to listening to what has to be done and do it without argument or complaint.  They keep perfect time and keep working until they have achieved the standard required – and they never give up.

Writers as they feed our souls and imagination which in turn educates us on matters of which we might previously have been totally ignorant. 

Artists because they are the guardians of how to look at the world around us through someone else’s eyes, someone who sees when we don’t.

Musicians because everything is mathematically accurate and performed with feeling and passion that can transport us out of our mundane lives to a world of magic.

To all Creatives – you are the world, the best part of it.