The Daily Doings of Marguerite, Honeybelle and Goya Dr Dawn Gould

MARGUERITE:  Do you know what that parrot did?  There was I stretched out for my afternoon nap when I felt something pulling on my fur.  I looked around and there was that bird, busy pulling my beautiful soft fur. I shouted, in a ladylike tone “what do you think you are doing’’. Silence then, “nothing much just trying to get some fur to make nice and soft bedding in my cage”.  No apology from him.  The cheek of him, I got up and walked away.

HONEYBELLE:  I am feeling very smart in my nice warm winter jacket which was made especially for me by my human. Mind you there is another place warm and comfortable – under the blankets on the bed of a very nice lady. I like to cuddle up there.   There have been a lot cats around our garden recently.  They have not been seen here before.  This means they have not heard of the rules of our garden.  NO scratching out of the soil of the newly grown plants.  We are told not to chase the visitors or be unkind. Sometimes though, we have seen a human war dance being performed.  I wonder why?  There on the ground, torn to bits are the remains of months of hard work.   Actually we like cats – do not think otherwise – and love to exercise with them.

GOYA:  My cage and I were both moved to a different room because the lock down events needed more space.  Suddenly a table was covered with many colours of wool and cottons and work got going. Recently a medium sized rug was finished and an embroidery cloth is nearly completed. My efforts of helping to bring along the wools or cottons did not go down very well.  I do not know why because I think I am considered as being very artistic. Now a new computer is being used so maybe the human is a bit crabby – I mean tired. So I resorted to being domestically helpful by checking if the washing was completely dry.  Of course someone didn’t like that.