June Editorial

The corona virus might be killing us off and our economy has headed for the dump but as this Hibiscus Flower clearly demonstrates, there will be those who still bloom in times of adversity. This branch of the Hibiscus tree had to be cut due to damage and was not flowering when thrown onto the compost heap.  It flowered a few days later. 

I took the  photo in February before Madam Corona struck with a red hot fist. Looking through my photos it seemed an appropriate choice at this time.

Whilst personally experiencing frustrations and concerns I am also learning so much from teaching on line. Some of the dancers are having to work with family members watching, which is also not what they are used to as in our premises audiences are limited to performances or classes by invitation only.  This is positive as they are learning  to focus on what they are doing and not be distracted by humans, cats, dogs, and yes, hail.   In Cape Town anything and everything is possible and not only with our weather.

 Read about the musician/composer  turned cabinet maker and the beautiful work he creates in wood.

Then the start of our indigenous African comic serialization.  Enjoy the excitement with us in this up to date story beautifully written and illustrated.

And so much more in this edition and still more new approaches to our culture in the July edition.

Be safe people and productive.  I look forward to hearing from you.   

Amy Gould