Vox first virtual choral performance


Performing artists have found themselves in a vacuum without their audiences during the Covid-19-imposed lockdown. But VOX Cape Town, a local choral ensemble, got around lockdown by launching their first virtual choral performance for Freedom Day on 27 April.

They chose If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis, an important composer who lived through a period of great upheaval around 500 years ago. The words and music remain apt today.

Each of the 25 singers recorded their parts at home using a cellphone or computer microphone. These individual parts were then woven together to form the rich choral tapestry and the accompanying meditative particle video was designed by Liam Pitcher. They hope that the serene motet will bring comfort and hope to all.

Watch the Video here

Read more in an article that was recently published by UCT News: https://www.news.uct.ac.za/article/-2020-05-05-recorded-alone-but-singing-together