Heard of Ohrigstad, Kestell or Ulco? Dr Dawn Gould

HISTORY : curiosity was definitely needed when trying to discover how the name Ohrigstad in the Limpopo Province came about.   Mind you this often occurs when researching history.  It seems that the Voortrekker, Andries Potgieter, decided on the name Andries Ohrigstad. This was probably due to the fact that the Mr Ohrig was a merchant from Amsterdam and friend of the Voortrekkers.  In time though the name was shortened to Ohrigstad.  It is a small town growing fruit and maize.

Kestell is a maize growing town in the Free State province. It was named after a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, John Daniel Kestell, who translated the New Testament into Afrikaans.

Ulco in the Northern Cape Province gained its name from the Union Lime Company (Ulco) which was established in 1949. It is a private mining company and is not far from the Vaal River.  Houses were built for the employees as well as two schools.