DP MARAIS HOSPITAL         Dr Dawn Gould

In 1932 a new hospital was opened in Retreat, a suburb of the city of Cape Town, and was named as the Princess Alice Home of Recovery. HRH Princess Alice of Athlone was the wife of the governor-general of South Africa.

Time passed and the hospital was re-named the DP Marais Hospital.

Dr Marais was born and educated in Stellenbosch and later studied at the University of Edinburgh.

Many years have since passed.  The hospital has grown in size and takes care of many people.  It has become known as a place of care and kindness.

 The editor of ImagineMag has a school and theatre backing on to a very large parking area used by visitors and admin members of the hospital and the administration building.

In April, after teaching on line, as she headed to her car, parked at the back of the school she noticed flashing red lights, ambulances, emergency vehicles and lots of people.

The staff from the hospital and the ambulance men and women who put their lives on the line every day they go to work were holding a gathering to create an awareness.  These are the photos taken by Amy Gould.

We are sure all our readers join us in saluting each and every person who works quietly ,often unseen and unacknowledged.  Thank you for keeping us safe.