I Love Books. Amy Gould

Everything about books fascinates me.  The shape, the colour and how the book feels when I hold it in my hands.

I am a totally indiscriminate reader and don’t choose by subject or author unless I am looking for information on a specific subject.  Opening the book to the first page and I am hooked   ….. Or not.  This is not something I can easily explain as I have not given it serious thought and can still see no reason to do so.

The questions I least favour about my reading habits are:   `Who is the author?   ……. But surely you check who the author is first? ‘`No, actually I don’t.’  For me they either have something that I want to read about, or not, and tell it in a way that I find agreeable, or not. 

`Is that a good book?’   What is a good book and who am I to judge that and why would I want to?  I am reading it and that is all there is to it.

I enjoy a well written book and by that I mean good language skills, punctuation and a voice that resonates with me the reader.  I am not looking for mistakes, or faults and slip ups.  That does not mean I miss them if they are there just that it is not the most important part of my reading.

Oh let me not forget my passion for cooking and foodie books.  I don’t necessarily follow the recipes I read but am fascinated with cooking language.  Every profession and art has its own language like dancers with front feet and back feet etc. But cookery books are in another class.  You toss (salads), blend (sauces), beat (eggs), slice and dice, oh its’ a very physical language.

Growing up in our home there were always books on shelves in most of the rooms and we were given books for birthdays and on other occasions.  We belonged to libraries and were allowed to borrow whatever we chose.

In today’s world I would be told that my reading was age inappropriate but when I was growing up what we read was our choice and it left me with a lifelong love of reading that has and continues to provide me with enjoyment and it would appear an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.