When the cell phones became so very popular as a means of quick communication , a  somewhat weird language began. It seemed a style mostly used by the young.  But recently this form of language has been noted in messages left on computers attached to ordinary land line telephones.

Recently an acquaintance wrote telling me of such a happening. A book had been lent to another person stressing a two month time limit for reading.  The time limit was kept with a phone message –

TL  :  DR  – understanding took a little while to decipher – TL too long   /   DR did’nt read.  Since then I have been told about a chat taking place when one party replied  IDK /POV  evidently it meant “I did not know that was your political view.”

Today English is the dominant world language but one wonders if in one or two hundred years time humans will simply be communicating , spoken and written, only by weird figures?

T l :  DR   too long,  did’nt read

I D K: I did not know   pov:  point of view     T I A: Think in advance      

IMU:    I miss you