August Editorial Competitiveness – Beneficial or Not

Art in its many faceted forms is a creative process and an individual one for many.  Therefore how is competitiveness possible if the work is a creation of an individual?  No two people will ever think or feel in exactly the same way.

Each person has a different mind and background of experiences which is brought to the creative process.  Our genetic inheritance and background affects and influences us probably more than we are aware.  And no two people, even in families, inherit the same genes or have the same memories.

Then we come to standards of learning, of technique, of performance.  Who or what influences these standards is debatable and the purpose of standards – conformity?

Look at many of the famous artists from all genres and you will see that many experimented and went outside the normal practice of what was considered the standard of the day. To me this is progress.

Should we not be concentrating on developing individual’s talents and artistry and not concentrating on everyone doing the same thing exactly the same way?

We can learn from many people but we will always be who we are and not something someone else wants us to be to satisfy their own need for conformity.

New varieties of Fruit trees are grafted from old stock to preserve the qualities of the old and develop new strains.  Pear trees are not in competition with Apple trees – they are simply different and each with their own specific texture, taste and smell has appeal to different tastes.

Perhaps we all need to think more about what we do and why we do it and above all, create different ways of growing our art form without the need to compete. 

Watching, learning , supporting and respecting the work of other artists is important but competing? it is a self defeating road to travel.