The duties of the animal family Dr Dawn Gould

MARGUERITE:  “Our responsibilities continue.  Today I have been appointed the overseer. I am there to soften those who feel they have been badly done by and to indicate appreciation for all the work that is being done. In other words I am an emotion soother.  

Leopard Toad feeling the cold. Prince Charming in disguise?

We had a little visitor recently. I had just come in one evening from a quick run outside when I saw my human bend down and I saw a flash – she had just taken a picture of a tiny frog. Personally I think the little chap wanted to come and join our lovely home.”

Goya the shredder at work

GOYA:    “I have been appointed the office paper shredder!  The two girls could have helped but no, I am said to be the most suited for that kind of work.   After considering the matter I have to admit I can shred paper rather fine and accept the praise given for this, except when I shred letters that fall out of the copier.  Then The Human gets rather red in the face!

I have some news. We have a young Hadeda Ibis in the back garden. We call him/her Leonora. These birds have terrible screaming calls. His ma and pa feed him and encourage the chick to fly.  We think there is improvement daily.  Marguerite and Honey Belle run to chase him – they say it is to give his legs exercise.”

Honeybelle checking for fallen food

HONEY BELLE:  “Do not mutter under your breath Goya.  I have to work at ground level picking up bits of this and that, whereas you sit on a container off the ground.  Then again I did some thinking maybe a visitor or one of our humans will drop a little piece from one of those nice chocolate/chip cookies I saw and smelt when they came out of the oven.  Who knows I might get lucky.”