Wupperthal community to benefit from the premiere of SYLVIA VOLLENHOVEN’S, the ROOIBOS RESTITUTION FILM

The recent fires that burnt and destroyed so much of the Wupperthal’s historic buildings as well as the residents homes and their possessions has left a community bereft. (Community of Wupperthal Photo credit: Denver Breda)

Donkeys of Wuppertal Photo credit: Denver Breda

“The long struggle for recognition of Khoi & San’s right to benefit sharing for the use of their associated traditional knowledge to the uses of Rooibos species against the Rooibos Industry continues. As per Nagoya Protocol, where it is established that a certain community is the traditional knowledge-holder of a specific indigenous biological resource – such a community is entitled to benefits (both monetary and non-monetary), as part for the commercialisation of said indigenous biological/genetic resource. While today Rooibos is a profitable resource used all over the world, the Khoi and San communities are yet to benefit from this success.

Photo credit: Denver Breda

“Given the need to raise awareness around the perceived exploitation of Khoi & San communities, HBS together with its partner organisation Natural Justice with the assistance from Vision in Africa, embarked on developing a documentary that will shed light on the subject of Access and Benefit Sharing, as well as raise public awareness even amongst the Khoi and San on their right to benefit sharing resulting from the commercialisation of the Rooibos species.”

We decided jointly to use the premiere of the film to raise funds for the Wupperthal disaster.

The premiere of   SYLVIA VOLLENHOVEN’S,   the ROOIBOS RESTITUTION FILM is on Jan 31 at 8 pm at The Baxter theatre. The link to the trailer for the film: https://youtu.be/u0e4r7SYx88

Following on from that is her new play KROTOA EVA VAN DE KAAP which opens at Artscape a week later on Feb 8th with a Preview Night on Feb 7th.

Sylvia Vollenhoven has written the Krotoa musical theatre play including most of the lyrics. Credit: Yunus Vally Krotoa Eva van de Kaap Graphic Designer

She will be moderator for the Q&A after the Jan 31st Rooibos film screening as well as for the Feb 2nd Krotoa Forum.

Connected to this there is a discussion forum on Sat Feb 2nd called THE INVOCATION OF KROTOA: THE ARTS & RESTORATIVE JUSTICE.

The context and background for all of this is restoring Southern Africa’s First Nations to their rightful place and finding a framework for Restorative Justice… mainly using The Arts as a way of fast tracking these long overdue processes.