Where would we be without artists?

For the sheer brilliance of colour in Chagall’s stained glass panels.

For beautiful body lines of the dancers that were sketched by Degas in such natural (to dancers) positions.

For humour of a special kind – Picasso.

Goya Disasters of War the May Third

For sheer delicacy and the selected colours of Monet


Goya for recording the violence and turbulent times of war in such horrifying detail.


MichaelAngelo’s marble sculptures and his ability and desire to reach the heart of each piece of marble and create the glorious pieces with such love and devotion to his own beliefs.


These artists and so many more gave and continue to give us visual music from their hearts for our eyes to feast upon.


Those who read this will wonder why I do not mention modern artists and their work.  All above have stood the test of time and changing fashions our current artists will have to do the same.