A NEW boutique publisher – Imagnary House

A NEW boutique publisher Imagnary House  invites you to enjoy the delightful children’s and young-adult (YA) books in their catalogue.


And yes, we have spelt the name correctly.


When founder Bradley Harris was looking for a name he coined ’Imaginary House’. A chance  misspelling by a child as ‘Imagnary House’ saw him adopting the name as ‘it mimicked a child’s heart’.


But why start another publishing house? Before April 2015 Harris worked in the publishing industry and, seeing a gap for children’s books and young-adult literature, he took the bold step of founding his boutique company.


But how do you fund a business like this?


Straw Giant and the Crow


Harris, being the innovator and writer that he is wrote an anthology (seven) of fantasy    short stories for children and young adults, which, as the very first publication launched the house in 2016. This enabled him to pour all the profits back into the house and printing the first four picture books. Such has been the success that a further eight books will be published in 2018.






Entrepreneur Harris is passionate about using all media platforms to promote his publications and sells online from his website, but is a firm believer that the printed book will never be replaced by the online publication. “We believe that beautiful books, imaginative illustrations and stories become collectables, a legacy of a childhood to be passed on to their children. The touch of a book, the feel and smell of the paper, being able to interact with each page is something that ignites the imagination and stays with the child forever creating a lifelong love of books.” He says.


Encouraging children and young adults to use their imagination when reading, creating memorable characters, illustrations and clever story lines, rather than ‘moral compasses’, is the focus behind these entertaining and inspiring books. By producing international stories that will resonate with children globally, despite their upbringing, culture, heritage, nationality, gender, or religion, IH chooses its authors and stories for their literary and creative merit first, only then allowing geographic reasoning to fall into their criteria.


Currently, IH has 15 signed authors and illustrators. Submissions for new books open from July 1 and run until July 31, so if you know of aspiring authors in these genres, here’s an opportunity to be published.  https://imagnaryhouse.com/pages/submissions



A strong sense of social responsibility prevails and besides donating books to needy primary schools, readings at schools and libraries, a series of colourful projects has been initiated. Imagnary Housepartnered withSk8 for Gr8 in Add  Colour (2017) takingLiebet Jooste (author of an IH colouring-in book) to teach Atlantis children about art and design, and to help them brighten up their community by painting a large mural. Plans are afoot to do more of this with various artists and communities.

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Racing ahead in the realm of children’s publishing, Harris looks forward to an exciting 2018. A series of audio books are in production with the plan to have four ready by the end of 2018 (The first of which is available here: https://imagnaryhouse.com/products/lucy-mums-shoes?variant=1051988295686). And, by the end of the year the completion of a special edition book for NSRI, which will be officially announced.

Imagnary House – a heart for children’s literacy.



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