The Art of Communication

There are different ways to accomplish this through, talking, writing, visuals and many reasons to communicate, social, business and totally trivial.


First thing to decide is:  do you really want to communicate and if so what and why?  Once you have decided this you can decide how.


Of course this does imply a certain amount of rational thought and I find that many people appear to react without any rational thought of what they want to achieve and what the result will be of their emotional reaction.


This brings another process into play.  You can communicate with yourself and it could be a good preparation before you express yourself to someone else.


And there we have come to the main issue –  The person/persons receiving your communication.


Communication has to be received and understood before there can be any progress.


This is where many misunderstandings occur when what is communicated is misinterpreted or not understood by the receiver.


Of course there could be many reasons for this:  Inaccurate or confusing information, deliberate misinformation, information that is slanted for personal reasons or gain, emotional reaction being forefront rather than logical thought.  And the same could be the case from the receiver’s position as well.


So the best I can offer in this morass of communication is,, think before you do anything and listen/ read etc before you reply.  I am now going to try very hard to apply all of this myself.


However some people really get my emotions up and then   !!!???*&#%****   to rational thought.