OPTI-MYSTIC: A Pop Up Gallery by Incubus Frontman Brandon Boyd

Timed to coincide with the upcoming Incubus concerts in several cities throughout South Africa, Incubus front man & established visual artist Brandon Boyd will exhibit fine art, large scale prints, books,lithographs and a curated retail shop at his week-long
‘Opti-Mystic’ Pop Up Gallery.

Spider silk in Gold


Gallery One 11

111 Loop Street
Cape Town 8001 / +27662069493


Monday, February 26 – Saturday, March 3

Reception w/ Artist in Attendance: February 26,
​18:00 (Open To Public)

Fractal Girl

Gallery open Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 – 16:00 (extended hours on
Thursday, March 1)
Saturday 10:00-13:00




Visual Art Manager / Jen DiSisto / Art Duet / jendisisto@gmail.com
(interview/imagery requests)
Gallery contact / Megan Theunissen / admin@galleryone11.com

About Brandon Boyd:


Born February 15, 1976, Brandon Boyd grew up in Calabasas, California.  In 1991 he began singing and writing song lyrics with high school friends in what would become the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling and internationally recognized rock band, Incubus.

In April of 2017 the band released their eighth studio album, 8 and will tour extensively throughout the current year.

Though best known as a musician, Brandon is an avid and lifelong  visual artist for whom art has played an

Long Black in Green

increasingly prominent role.

He is the author of three books combining his artwork, photography and creative writing: White Fluffy Clouds (2003), From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss (2007), and So The Echo (2013).

Brandon has held book signings, art talks and solo and group exhibits extensively throughout the U.S. and internationally in cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich and exhibited at Art Basel Miami and other esteemed art fairs several times.

For more information on Brandon you can visit www.brandonboyd.me.


Editors note:

I loved this quote of his from an interview by Baha Danesh 12-01-2017  Los Angeles, CA as I so identified with his comments on every level.


I choose art because our culture of “results” has been kind of destructive to me, and to find something that allows for a spontaneous process to emerge and to thrive feels more like walking with the wind. I’ve been blessed with some wonderful results and fruits of deeper process but the process itself within art has been an incredible reward. Like building a house and having the time of your life hammering away and painting walls, then having the fact that you now have a place to live be merely an icing on an already delicious cake.