Having just `celebrated’ Heritage Day many things have floated into my mind re cultural practices and how bias and perceptions based on race, colour, creed, religion and lifestyle impact on us. Varied in so many different ways.

The racial divide is so great in this country and in many others that I doubt  we will ever be able to see that what separates us is also what binds us and what we perceive to isolate or separate us from each other is often based on very unimportant things.

They are unimportant until such time as we make them important because we need to have an advantage over another person for some reason or another. Much of the time it is purely economic. Everyone is fighting for the same piece of the pie and this will never change as it is survival of the fittest and any means are supposed to be fair in love and war.  Anyone who doesn’t believe we are in the midst of an economic war zone does not live in the Cape Town area and is totally unaware of their surroundings.

The gangs are controlling many areas of life and where they see opportunities they take advantage of everyone.  Sometimes I think they are the only ones who are truly without racial bias.  They don’t mind what colour, race or religion you belong to if you have something they want they will take it and if you want what they have to sell they will sell it to you.

I am convinced Xenophobia is more about availability of jobs than anything else.  People’s perceptions of the success of others can be a very strong motivator in believing they are being hard done by.  When people are in survival mode feelings run high leading to frustration, anger and violence.  Applying a top dressing to this very serious problem is not helping anyone.

The playing field can offer equal opportunities but the people who use that playing field have different talents and abilities and that is what counts in the final analysis.  Training and education will help but it will never solve the fact that some people are more suited to perform certain activities than others.

Instead of trying to make everyone equal, we are not and never will be, can we not all be finding what individuals do best and educating them along a path that will be most profitable and satisfying for them to follow.

We need  a new look at what  needs doing, who is available to do it and then start the training that will accomplish a positive return for everyone.