In these difficult times many are currently facing, I look around and see opportunities for creative people.  And yes, legal ones.  And no, I do not mind `sharing’, as people say when what they want is for you to simply tell them what they want to know or do what they want you to do without payment.

Have fun with this everyone.


With the water restrictions and limited amount for washing of both body and clothing:

Sprays for different body parts that don’t make you smell like lilac or lavender but make you smell shower fresh, your clothing as well, waterless washing. Something that will absorb bodily odour and excretions, not add to it. Suction tools that you can run over your body to absorb the bits and pieces the body creates and then excretes like skin and hair particles etc.

Dry Cleaning for hair – spray on brush out, like carpet cleaning without soap and chemicals.  Suction devices that absorb dust and oil that coats hair.

Similar products for your pets as water restrictions apply to them as well.

Sprays for your toilets to deodorize them and break down what needs to be broken down or the use of  freeze agents that allow the contents to be removed and deposited in gardens as compost. The list is endless and creative people will be able to think of many more plus all the tools and equipment that will be required to utilize these new technologies.  Great money maker this.


Then we come to the ever escalating cost of food:

I am sure many are familiar with the phrase, living on the smell of a rag?  Current times are bringing new meaning to that phrase.

Before long, when you have friends visit, you will bring out your spray can of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding with all the wonderful aromas you associate with that, and have a quick spray session so everyone will think you have just eaten that meal.

That smell of freshly baked bread even if you can’t afford to buy the real thing you can at least smell it.

Of course there will be many flavours to choose from,  fried fish and chips and I leave the rest to your imagination.  The same for dessert, the aroma of chocolate chip cookies, brandy pudding  and oh yes, coffee.

Fruit and Vegetables – who can afford them – not the poor, the very people who are exhorted to eat healthy, they will have to make do with the perfume of oranges, bananas and apples.

Package this beautifully with suitably enticing photos, there we go work for the photographers too and marketing  creatives.  Of course it will be only the smell but think of all the benefits.  Our population will slim down and we won’t have so many people with the problems obesity brings.  Yes, it will bring other problems that malnutrition brings, but come on people I am trying to be positive and creative.  Don’t I at least deserve Browny points for that?