Emile YX? South African Hip Hop Pioneer Invited to Stanford University, USA from August – Dec 2017

Professor H. Samy Alim and Jeff Chang, who are both Hip Hop Lecturers & Authors, from Stanford University’s Centre for Diversity in San Francisco have invited Emile YX? from Black Noise and Heal The Hood Project to Stanford from mid-August to December 2017.


Emile will be speaking about his work in Cape Town, but also translating various “Kaaps” interviews held by Professor Alim here in Cape Town during 2016. They are also very interested in the initiatives that Emile has created via Heal The Hood Projects, “Project Create” at 10 schools and community centers.  Another student of Professor Alim will assist in creating a documentary about the work that he has done with his practical Hip Hop school called “Mixed Mense.” Emile will also be completing his book about his journey with Hip Hop from 1982 to this present day and its positive influence on his life.


Local and International interest and attention has been shown to a group that Emile started on Facebook, around the search for so-called coloured role models, called “So-called Coloured / Mixed Heritage Appreciation”. Emile says that he was surprised by how little acknowledgement was given to the many great people from his community online and in print. He realized that we seldom acknowledge each other after he won LeadSA National title in 2016. His initial intention was to upload 31 stories for the month of March 2017 that would become an annual month of celebration of our community’s greatness.  Instead people asked that more people be uploaded.  To date Emile has uploaded 370 people, to the group, their pictures and stories.


Emile had previously spoken at Stanford in 2010, he also has already spoken about his work in Hip Hop Education, with Heal The Hood Project at Harvard University, Duke University, Trinity University in the USA, Stockholm & Goteborg University in Sweden and UCT and UWC in Cape Town.