There appear to be more and more babies being born to single mothers with no trace that a father was ever a presence in their lives – except the obvious fact that is.  If their anchor, their mother, disappears as well what happens then?

I am not speaking of the hard facts of orphanages, adoptions etc but from a cultural aspect.  The people who pass on our cultural identity are our families and if we do not know who at least some of our family members are we are without a family identity.  Add to that if the child is in a country that her parents were not born in or grew up in, this child will be one of the growing numbers of `Nowhere People’.  Many of them will remain rootless and restless unless adopted or taken under the wing of adoptive parents or any other group of caring and loving people who in turn will create a new family and  cultural background  which the child can in time build on and grow as they mature into adults.

Culture is an ever changing affair and we can only carry so much cultural baggage before being forced to jettison some of the heavier pieces in order to move forward.  As we abandon clothing that no longer fits or goes out of style so many cultural practices have to be abandoned in order to cope with the times we are living in.

Perhaps we should all be looking at culture from a different perspective – not only what was but what is practical.  Perhaps we should be looking at a culture that will embrace the future.