Dictionaries to interest, fascinate and teach – Dr Dawn Gould

DICTIONARIES  are books of much interest, fascination and learning.

Britain having been, in the past, strongly colonial, one will, with patience, learn words from various parts of the world which have been incorporated in the English language.

The works of various dictionary publishers may differ in their style and presentation. Some will retain words from way back – words that may no longer be in the mainstream of speech or writing while others are up to the moment in new words. Working one’s way through such a book will be time consuming but one can also spend time enjoying the enormously hard work involved in the publishing a new dictionary.


BROUHAHA  – an uproar at a big event

BAWBEE        – Scottish referring to a coin of low value

COMEUPPANCE –  a punishment or fate that someone deserves

DONGLE – hardware that connects to and is used with a computer.

DWAAL – A South African word meaning someone in a dazed or absent minded state.(Oxford 2016)

ERF – South African for a plot of land (Oxford 2016)