I often wondered, when people say they want to explore their roots and establish their identity, what they mean and why the need.

At birth we are all born into a set of circumstances over which we have absolutely no control.

The historical period and current social and political climate of the time will have an impact on our individual identity possibly as strong as the genes we inherit from our parents, grandparents etc, whether we know them or not.

As individuals we have choices with whom we associate, what work we choose to do, whether we choose to study all of which creates our individual identity.

There are so many people who for different reasons will never know who their parents were and if they did might be devastated by that knowledge.

I would like to see more time and effort on everyone’s part being placed on growing and developing people as they are and building every aspect of their lives so that each individual can choose where they want to be in life and not necessarily where they are told they should be because of their customs and heritage.  Let us combine the good and worthwhile of all our combined cultural backgrounds and make all our people physically and mentally stronger.  The strength of a country is in its people and we have generous, creative people with enormous talent that survival and prosperity is a certainty. Now all we have to do is choose wise, hard working and fit for purpose people to govern the country and make sure they stay Incorruptible.