My African Heart – Tossie Van Tonder




MY AFRICAN HEART Tossie van Tonder also known as Nobonke (She of the people) self published in 2012 and republished 2014    ISBN  978-0-620-60725-4,  259 pages, including notes





The Thabo Mbeki I know



THE THABO MBEKI I Know     edited by Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu and Miranda Strydom, Picador Africa

2016   ISBN 978-1-77010-341-2    540 pages including Notes on contributors, About the Editor





Helen Zille Autobiography





NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT The Autobiography Helen Zille Penguin Books, 2016 ISBN 978 1 77609 042 6 (print)   529 pages including an Index





The three books referred to are particularly interesting as each reflects South African politics over many years.  Reading them engages one’s attention.  They open individual memories to a wide readership of personal and political experiences.  Tossie van Tonder, a contemporary dancer, comes across as a gentle woman ready to enter the new 1994 South Africa yet, at the same time, feeling much concern.


The writers of each separate article on the former president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki a man of high intellect and who fought against apartheid, enlightens readers of the days before  his presidency and in later years. There is sufficient information for individual readers to be acquainted with his reign.


NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT The autobiography  Helen Zille  – here we have a forceful, energetic and intelligent woman prepared to fight for what she perceived as right.  She writes of her early childhood, her parents, marriage, studies and eventually her entering the political ring.  She too fought apartheid like many others and one reads with interest what she has to say.  The lady has a sense of humour and it peeks through every now and then.