When homework consists of either an essay or a letter make sure that the words used are correctly spelt.  Be careful of those words called HOMOPHONES which are words that sound alike but are spelt differently and have different meanings.


Aloud                        Read aloud so that we can hear you.

Allowed                    They are not allowed to climb trees.

Bare                          Artists sometimes paint Trees when the branches are leafless and bare.

Bear                          Polar bears are found in the Arctic regions.

Been                         She has been out of town for a week.

Bean                         There are many different kinds of beans to cook and eat.

Carat                         A unit of weight – Twenty four carat gold is pure gold.

Caret                        Use a caret ^ to mark the place a word or a letter has been omitted.

Carrot                       a vegetable.

Where                     Where are you going?

Wear                         What will you wear when you go to see them?