Space Station: a mini-golf art experience on the Grahamstown railroad  

Chiro Nott, for the completion of her Master of Fine Art degree is hosting a fun, family and community orientated exhibition on a portion of the rail road in Grahamstown.

More than an art exhibition, this show presents an interactive, mobile event suitable for young and old alike. The show, which takes the form of a 9 hole miniature golf course, will be laid out along the disused railway tracks starting at the corner of Howick and Constitution street and finishing on Fitzroy Street where members of the public are invited, at no charge, to participate between 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday the 28th November.

This community friendly event takes its inspiration from mobility, golfing culture and the complexities of life in contemporary South African society.

The event draws into focus daily negotiations between multiple characterisations of ourselves in our everyday lives as we engage within contexts of cultural diversity.

‘Space Station’ offers the enjoyable platform of a 9 hole miniature golf experience as a means to dissect and reflect on individual and collective performed identities through processes of socio-spatial experience.

The public is invited to engage in the metaphor of processual mobility on the train tracks (as urban ruins of mobility) in relation to visual triggers associated with walked urban experience to explore how they, as “players”, accesses knowledge in relation to spatial and social requirements.

Each four ball alliance will be given a score card and each player a ball. The players walk and play all nine holes while keeping count of their scores. At the end of the course the scores are tallied and a single winner from the four is determined.

Each team’s scores are tallied and the team with the lowest score of the day will be awarded a prize.

Once the course has been completed, players keep their ball as a souvenir.

Transport back to the starting point will be provided where boerewors rolls, hot dogs and refreshments will be sold by the Raphael Centre. Participants will be accommodated on a first come first served basis.

“Space Station‟ is supported by the rail road concessionaire, which is a JV between FINGO Festival and IZENZO.”