Has technology aided the cause of education?  

Yes without a doubt.  In a general sense technology has changed how human beings communicate, how their working lives are organized around computers, mobile phones, social networks – all due to the wonderful functioning of the human mind.  But there are often glitches along the way.  Technology is a boon but……..

The improved forward movement of education has come to depend on technology.  For example  information is required by an author is the United States of America from a researcher in Cape Town. The query has come either by email or Skype. The detailed reply is sent by one or other system.  Technology has enabled an almost instant answer.   Somewhere in the world an individual wishes to improve his or her spoken or written English.  A tutor far distant will offer help, via Skpye.  In other words technology has assisted in the course of educating, learning as well as offering a speedy service.

However one must not see technology as an instant answer to knowledge. A student, learner or pupil can now read set works by e-books but the human being has still to read, analyse and answer exam questions by himself. They can blog, use facebook, twitter to discuss homework problems or  gather help, advice using web sites ; they can keep files of the ideas gathered. No longer do they have to have stacks of notes on paper.  Adults with advanced education can make contact with others in the same fields of interest, they too can find more learning opportunities.

Technology is a fine tool if used with the correct state of mind. The system has to be respected for what it offers but one must not forget humans must still do the work. Information gathered should be checked for accuracy.  To learn means no using of quick, off the cuff short cuts. It means labour and focus on the subject in hand.  It also means controlling distracting matters either on web sites or social media and to understand what you the individual is looking for and not simply to repeat what you have read.  The true value of technology is to try to determine what you are searching for via the above mentioned sites and to carefully try to comprehend how the information can be used, in your own words, to answer a teacher’s, tutor or lecturer’s question.

Technology thus has already had a great affect in the world of education – if used to the best interest of the seeker.

Dr Dawn Gould