STOLEN, SMUGGLED, SOLD On The Hunt For Cultural Treasures – Nancy Moses

STOLEN,  SMUGGLED,  SOLD On The Hunt For Cultural Treasures

Stolen, Smuggled, Stolen

Stolen, Smuggled, Stolen

AUTHOR:                    Nancy Moses

PUBLISHER:                Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN:                            978-0-7591-2192-8

REVIEWER:                  Dr Dawn Gould

What comes strongly to mind when one has read this book is the sometime inhumanity of mankind, political scheming, overwhelming greed and the plain stupidity and arrogance of individuals who feel they can get away with their crooked behavior.

This book is fast paced written by an author who is au fait with the world of archives, archivists, museums and the historical research needed for each subject.  The preface is detailed;  there are eight chapters each dealing with an individual “Cultural Treasure”,  colour plates, sources, additional reading and an index.  Perhaps there might be a future book on other treasures that have been stolen, smuggled and sold?