Goya, Honeybelle and Marguerite in Lockdown Dr Dawn Gould

GOYA:   My human and I have been looking for butterflies in the garden.  But they can be a bit irritating because they keep fluttering away.  All we wanted to do was view and enjoy their beautiful colours.    Instead, not to annoy them, my human fetched a chair, sat down and I sat on her lap and we waited and waited. 


Slowly they seemed not to disapprove if we did not move.   We got ready to watch carefully. Their feeding area and play ground in the garden is because it has lots of trees and plants. Soon we saw one whose wings looked whitish with perhaps a brown spot – but it moved a bit too fast to be sure.  The next one that flew past also was a pale colour and the third was a more yellowish/whitish.  We two are obviously beginners. Now we will have to study our Butterflies book with greater attention to detail.          

HONEYBELLE:  There was some excitement at home a couple of days ago. It was due to this thingy my humans are speaking about called a ‘lock down’.  It seems everyone must stay in their own homes for different reasons.  Well I got a bit annoyed that I had to stay and not move from my home.  At this time dogs could not be taken for walks.  I decided to rebel. I looked  around and found a place where one of the side gates had not been shut properly and out I went. I raced about, rolled over with my legs in the air. Then I heard a THUNDERING VOICE shouting HONEYBELLE! 

I  was actually just thinking of hopping over the front wall but I thought better of it.  I tried my girlish charm but the humans were not having that.  I got a severe and meaningful discussion of my bad, bad behavior.  It took a while before peace and lovings were restored.

MARGUERITE:   I was taken to the vet the other day for a health check up. The lady vet told my human I was in excellent condition.  Of course we all knew that – you only have to look at me especially when I outrun my sister.  I must say though I might well have joined Honeybelle for all that activity had I not been discussing, with my human, which vegetable seeds to plant.