Trees: Pros and cons. Dr Dawn Gould

How do we humans perceive trees?  The answers might range from the annoyance of the untideness of huge loads of falling leaves, the possibility of people slipping and injuring themselves or the damage that large and deep roots could cause growing too close to homes or large buildings.  

 But there are those who will see the benefits of trees:  such as shade or oxygen helping to keep the air clean and the wonder of fruiting trees.   Today one sees more trees being planted in cities and many more showing their greenery around private homes and even at parking shopping centres.

Guava Tree

We have a number of trees in our own garden – some that do shed lots of leaves just waiting for the wind to blow all over the garden but then we walk around and view at this time, the guava trees  showing their wealth of fruit. Mind you there is the struggle between us and the squirrels for the fruit.