I have found this past month to be very complex.  Not only because of the horrendous fires in the Western Cape, the results of which will impact on all of us for many years to come, but for the cloud of insecurity that seems to be around many individuals and organisations and their future survival.  Not many are talking about growth or development.  This to me seems a pity because this can often be a time for growth when one is forced to take stock of whatever one has done in the past and find ways of improving matters.  Possibly even changing and discarding whatever is preventing one from travelling forward.  Having said that, making changes means problems will occur and one has to  cope until the situation resolves itself.

Many interventions are taking place to highlight creativity and fund the arts, in it’s many rich and varied forms, that we have in this country. Reading through ImagineMag! you will find much that is exciting and forward looking – much of it coming from Johannesburg!!!  Would the other artistic centres like to let me know what they are doing?

Aspiring artists please check out what the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) are offering in this edition.  And I hope business also looks at how they can promote their business and use the arts to do so.

Do the work and become compliant and then you are in with a chance to obtain funding from the many organisations offering assistance.  That is all it takes – hard work and talent.  I see a great deal of talent but it is incalcating that hard working ethic into the talented that often is like hitting one’s head against a brick wall. Having talent is only the start, working at it will grow it and carry you forward.

The artist of these baby ballerinas is Trudi Mcpherson and this pencil and thread work is called The Rehearsal.