May editorial

May header photo: Tania Babb The Cape Galery.

Trials and tribulations of April are behind us as we enter May but we still have to face the consequences of actions we did or didn’t make as well as those  of others.

For me, on a personal level, it was the incredible support I received from the dancers and family members of our school that gave me all the incentive I needed to keep everyone dancing .  They have gone to great lengths to keep our ballet classes alive online and thriving.  It is at times like this one realizes how important personal relationships are in every aspect of our lives.

A thank you to Vantage my motor vehicle insurers who chose to provide a 20% discount, another example of creating good relationships in business practise.

And to Nomgcobo G at Nedbank in Tokai a big thank you. Recently a seemingly unsolvable problem with internet banking after online chats with different operators, numerous calls and 3 visits to the bank the situation remained unresolved. She was called to assist.

First she listened calmly. I could see where the problem had occurred and explained for about the 10th time.   Then she asked for the necessary information and got busy.  The system went down then the internet, one of my phones had a problem.  Nothing was a problem to Nomgcobo.  She simply kept ploughing ahead.  One way didn’t work she found another way. When a fellow employee came to query what she was doing she simply waved her  away.  Her focus and concentration was totally committed to resolving this issue  – and she did.  All with good humour and a relaxed manner. This lady is good. Thank you Nomgcobo you will never know the strain I was under when you sailed into my pathway and saved me from drowning in a sea of technological ignorance and lack of care.

When I read the articles that have been sent to us my heart bleeds for the years and years of hard work that go into the making of creatives and wonder how many will survive and how many will be lost to the creative industry for ever.

What disturbs me even more is those I have not heard from.  Many people  I know are waiting to see what happens next before committing themselves to their next step.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong time to do anything, one must simply do what one has to, to survive. And we will survive. Amy Gould.

NB Comments re Vantage & Nedbank are personal from the Editor and in no way were solicited or paid for advertising.