The eating habits of Goya, Honeybelle and Marguerite Dr Dawn Gould


Goya:  I was doing some thinking the other day about food.  I am the only bird in the house so I eat the special avian food set out in a dish.  My living quarters are cleaned every day. Fresh water is offered as often as required.  But my humans also set out other foods. First there is a small drop of yoghurt in a teaspoon. Then tiny pieces of carrot decorate a plate’s edges and next equally tiny pieces of cheese are to be seen.  My human calls me a “fuss pot” because I walk around the saucer, check out the food then only do I decide to eat.

I also like fruit: small pieces of a banana, apple, a plum or a watermelon, whatever is in season. It is up to me to eat what I like best.  I watch the girls eat.  Of course they are much bigger than I am.

HONEYBELLE:    Goya has been nattering on about food – he is quite the connoisseur, you know.  All is checked carefully before he eats.  Me, I like my food!  I do not believe in spending a lot of time watching over it.  No, I know my humans will give me good stuff so I get down to business and clean my plate.  I have to admit I do look around just in case I have missed something. No, my plate is clear!  I do like small pieces of cheese, watermelon, banana, apple and a grape.  We also have fresh water to drink from clean dishes.

MARGUERITE: All this chat about food, s i  g h!  I am rather delicate where food is concerned. Actually that is what my human says –“ leave her alone she will eat when she wants to”.  When my plate is placed in front of me, I look at it. I smell it then I will come to a decision.  I do like, on occasion, some fruit.

 One day as I was considering my food WHAT! was that I saw? Was that Zeke the squirrel looking at my food. Suddenly all delicacy disappeared and I became a lioness – ok a small hairy lioness but Zeke got the point – do not come near my food unless I offer it to you.  I know I am very well fed and cared for.  This applies to all three of us. And we have rights. Squirrels don’t.