EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT! Goya, Honeybelle and Marguerite – Dr Dawn Gould

Goya: We were all outside when our attention was drawn to the busy Robin Chat. My human, in particular, enjoys watching this bird.  Also you see she had been gardening in the area and had dug over some of the soil.  That will always attract the attention of the Robin Chat because digging over the soil might sometimes bring a juicy morsel to the surface for either of the adults or for the baby Robins.  But just then I saw a neighbour hood cat slowly, on its belly, moving towards the Robin Chat.  I whistled as hard as I could and suddenly a small thunder bolt shot forward and Marguerite sent said cat running for safety.  The humans made a fuss of us and promised an extra biscuit at supper time.

Honeybelle and the Honeybee

HONEYBELLE:  After the excitement we all kept our eyes open.  Then it came:  a lizard decided it wanted some of the limelight and made straight for one of the humans.  We often see lizards in the back garden but they do not usually hang around, rather they make straight for cover.  But this one stretched itself near one of the plants and posed.  Posed that is right!  But at that moment I saw a bee on such a pretty plant.  I just wanted to get close to the bee and ask if he/she was a member of the nearby honeybox and would we later on be receiving some honey for ourselves?  Instead it went straight for my nose. I was grabbed, just in time, by my human for safety.

MARGUERITE:  Our human has found pieces of dried wood or dried bark with the most fantastic pictures there on.  Pictures made by nature.  We had a great time deciding what we thought the pieces looked like. One human looked quite closely and was sure there was an owl watching us.  It kept amusing us and our humans for quite a long time.

By the way if anyone knows the name of the pinkish plant where the bee had settled, will you please tell our human.   THANK YOU.