What is History? Dr Dawn Gould

It is the continuation of the ways very small areas become known and become part of local history.

The small towns and distant farming areas of the country have over the years become somewhat less unknown to citizens and visitors.  An example that might be an answer to this awakening is when something out of the usual is seen perhaps an exceptional landscape. Local people are not shy for an opportunity which might very well offer hospitality at first or suddenly a small bed and breakfast might be offered to stay a day or two.

POFADDER ( puff adder)  is a small town situated in the northern Cape Province but is important in the region.  The name refers to a type of snake and also to the late Koranana Chief Klaas Pofadder who lived in the area. Just after whom the town was named is a matter not known but in 1918 the town’s name was officially changed to Theronsville. Somehow though  Pofadder was preferred and that is its name today.  It is small in size but is an important centre in the region known as Bushmanland.  What has also kept the name in the minds of many people, locals and from other lands are the magnificent display of flowers in the area. In August a seeming carpet of Namaqualand daisies  appear particularly after rain has fallen.  

ELANDS BAY is a thinly scattered village and part of the Cape West coast. But what makes it stand out in the world is the Elands Bay Cave which in 2009 was declared a provincial heritage site.  The reason for this importance is that the paintings in the cave were the work of the San people  – approximately 12000 – 13000 years ago.  We owe this history to the scientists who recognized what was before their eyes and made sure that the value of those people would not be forgotten.