February Editorial

Well here we are face to face with February and it is all looking fabulous.  Isn’t it?  And if not, why not?  We do  have  choices and yes, I am very aware that some more than others.

But it is these choices that we have or those that are thrust upon us in different ways that we seem to be discussing in this issue of ImagineMag!

In my opening statement    About Us     more than 10 years ago when ideas were still seedlings and I was not sure what germination would produce, I declared:

Was started to provide a voice for the practitioners in the arts and cultural community and those who enjoy the fruits of that labour .  A space to interact, promote ideas and market the work created.

Voicing our thoughts and feelings is not easy but it is essential to be honest without trashing other people or their work.  We need thinkers and doers and then we need to get them to work with each other. Perhaps the hardest  of all acts to achieve.

Is this what we need in society currently?  We need to express our emotions, we need to listen but now let us just get on with the job of making our glorious country function in peace,  productivity and safety.

Culture is not a word to hide behind when committing a crime.  Theft is theft, corruption is just that. Culture is not a creation for purely your own benefit.  It is how we live our lives with integrity and good will to others.  Okay, most of the time for myself,  I am human after all but am not going to call it my culture to steal your ideas or your possessions and call it my sharing culture.

But please read   Democrazy  and let me know what you think.  Short and brief will do.

Meanwhile go forth in February with a fighting spirit but goodwill to others.