October Editorial Advertising Culture and a Violent Economy

Currently we are all beset with the fear of violence in one form or another.  The question is why is there this violence particularly against women and children regardless of age, ethnicity or country?

There is no simple answer to this world wide question and yet, is there?

Understanding why something happens is not the same as finding a solution to the problem.  Now that will require far more complex interventions.

Those seen as the poorest and weakest will always be a target for any act of violence.  Ignorance will always be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people in the market place and those looking out to protect their own income at any cost.

Look at the way alcohol is advertised. Partying, sports events, braai vleis etc people always have that glass in their hand, laughing and looking happy.  To be sophisticated you have to drink this or that brand and the young and vulnerable want to look sophisticated at any cost.  And then pay the price in so many different ways.

Many Clothing brands use sex to sell clothing even for young children. Do I need to elaborate?

Motor cars, jewellery, garden equipment, property, you name it, they all use sex in an attempt to sell their product and yes it would appear women make up the majority of models used for this type of branding.

The conditioning is where ever there is some kind of media and this is what everyone sees and is subtly influenced.  Add to that lack of strong parental guidance and setting of values at a young age and the influence is even stronger on young and impressionable minds. 

All of the above are still merely contributing factors.

We are in a pressure cooker with everyone increasing  the heat to get the job done quicker, make more money, get a bigger house, look thinner, eat more fancy food, be better and bigger than anyone else. Find someone to blame for your problems, demand what you want but accept no responsibility for your life.

 Competition without quality of life.  Is it worth it?