The adventures of Honeybelle, Marguerite & Goya continue. Dr Dawn Gould

Honeybelle travelling

HONEY BELLE :  “I have heard a different dog bark, not too far away. It sounds like it is much bigger than I am, maybe a Great Dane. So just to be friendly I have sent out a few welcome barks.  Silence!    Perhaps they have not moved in yet. Humans like to redo things.  We will see. 

Now that we think spring is around the corner there have been quite a few different looking insects slowly moving to the plants of the humans.  I have tried giving them a warning rush suggesting they do not touch juicy looking leaves. All they do is to curl up and pretend they did not hear or understand. Then when I am otherwise engaged, off they move on!  They are just looking for trouble.”

“Last week all five of us set off for Stellenbosch. It rained so much so that one could only now and then see False Bay.  We came home with lots of good things to eat. I am rather partial to a small piece of cheese, you know.  Mind you so is Goya.” 


MARGUERITE:  “ We had electricity problems – all of the plugs would not go on.  A telephone call saw a very tall man come to see what was causing the problem.  But this chap, metres longer than me, seemed to be very nervous when I walked over to check out his shoes. He was assured I am a very friendly girl. Hmm, what do they know! If he was going to take lots of time to make things right I might get a bit irritated and just hang onto his shoes and socks until the problem was corrected.”

Goya and the Weaver’s Nest

GOYA:  “It is weeding the garden time.  My human gathers all the thing she will need and sets off.  I was not happy so tried following her. She saw what I was doing and quickly took me back to my room. I tried again and I was put inside a cage and taken to the weedy spot and placed so that I could see all around me.  What caught my attention was the Cape Weaver bird working on a nest. He patiently uses his feet and beak to weave.  When he considers it is finished a female will investigate the quality of the nest. If she does not approve she will tear it apart. Then mister will start all over again.  In the meanwhile my human was fast filling up two bags of weeds.  She looked quite pleased with the work.”