GOYA: “ Recently, while sitting in one of my cages outside (my human had gone to fetch me a small piece of banana), I heard a voice say ‘Hi there , my name is Zeke.’ I looked about and  saw a grey squirrel – there are squirrels living in our garden. I replied politely and the squirrel said ‘did you know my great grand pa came from the United States of America?’  Oh said I, my ancestry is from Senegal, West Africa. Then he ran off. I have a feeling we may be having some chitchats in the future.”

HONEY BELLE:  “I have been busy playing nurse to my human.  She has had a very bad cold and said she felt ill and so cold. Immediately I jumped onto her bed and cuddled as close to her back as possible.  If I thought it would be of more assistance, I would worm my way under the blankets and give her more cuddles.  I think she is feeling a little better now.”

MARGUERITE:  “ I also looked after our human but did my best to keep her feet warm.  I was acting like an extra hot water bottle, something like the one she has covered in pink material. Also having long fur meant extra heat around her feet.  When she felt a bit better she gave the two of us a small piece of something nice.”