Pet Holiday Homework – Dr Dawn Gould


GOYA:  “During the Winter school holidays the three of us have been given duties. I will try to learn the alphabet – A B C’s – I am a G.

One brand of doggy biscuits for sale now has a different letter of the alphabet on each biscuit square.  

I have been told I need to speak more clearly and not rush my words/letters. Why I wonder?  When visitors hear me rattling away they seem to think I am such a clever boy. “

Honeybelle & Marguerite

HONEY BELLE:  “We have to keep training and my special difficulty is that when walking on a lead I must try not to stretch forward to get somewhere more quickly. I must walk to heel. That is such a bore. Also I must give a bark when Goya makes a H B sound.” 

MARGUERITE:  “Oh dear, Oh dear there was I thinking I could just grab some extra sleep under the warm blankets.  I really cannot think of what kind of training I must do. I wear my collar and lead, do not bark at other dogs.  I gave the matter some more thought and then came up with the idea that maybe I could be more friendly with strange people who always want to pick me and hug me! Also maybe I will give a nice smile when Goya says M. 

Oh yes we nearly forgot to say a big THANK YOU to the nice lady, for her gift of a packet of biltong, who helped to get us home when we escaped the front garden and went running on our own. Actually our one human was not far behind although she didn’t look that happy.”