June Editorial

I am tired of promises. Everybody makes them. Some may even mean to do what they promise. But do they follow through? Very, very few.

Political promises have swamped everyone but please check out a petition to Mr Ramaphosa, our new president, Ramaphosa, appoint Arts Minister from civil society Click the link to read more.

The following is a statement not a promise. There will be no further emails to subscribers informing you that the latest edition has gone live. There are other less invasive ways of keeping people up to date and far more productive ones. When I look at our stats I can see how the numbers rise at the end and beginning of each month. I am not an expert on understanding what the stats mean but I see on what days the numbers of readers rise and if it happens every month something is triggering it.

I am now looking at other forms of social media that might be more productive and you are welcome to let me have any good ideas.