The great escape as seen through the eyes of a bird Dr Dawn Gould

GOYA:   “Oh dear, the girls have been very naughty!  They ran out of the garden gate and tore down the road with one human behind them, trying her best to encourage them home, but no, those two were trying for a marathon.”   Time passed, still no sign of the runaways, second human drove her car around the area to see if she could find them but there was no sight of them.  Then a kind lady saw the escapees and helped human one  get the two into her car and so they came home.  Definitely not in any one’s good books!  “I just tried to mind my own business.”

It was all your fault

MARGUERITE:   “I have been in my human’s bad books. She was very cross with me and I am sorry, I do not know what got into me. I am now trying to make up for my bad behaviour.” “ You,” said the human, “are a bad example.”  A decision was taken that we would have to have micro chips implanted. The lady vet just loved me and said: ”what a beautiful little girl you are.”

Please forgive me

HONEY BELLE:  “I have not had any hugs and little extras this weekend.”   My human said,         “ Where did you two think you were going to sleep that night – not on a nice soft bed with no good nourishing food for your bellies?  A lot of bad things could have happened to you and your sister.”   “ Now when we go for walks we are on leads with collars around our necks with our details thereon. I did not much like the implant but the vet lady did give me some nice biscuits.”

Am I still in trouble?