‘Die Kind Het ‘n Reus Geword’ Art Exhibition, Auction & Concert

Korreltjie Kantel spreads its wings!

On Wednesday 5 June Iluminar Productions is hosting a special event for art collectors and patrons of the arts.
18h30 for 19h00
Venue: GUS Art Gallery, Dorp Street, Stellenbosch

Ten visual art works and an exquisite performance by three musicians & two actors.

‘Die Kind Het ‘n Reus Geword’ Exhibition, Auction & Concert is in aid of the Korreltjie Kantel tour to Netherlands and Belgium.

Korreltjie Kantel is a music theatre production that has been performed around the country since 2015. The production, ever-evolving and transforming, relays the love story between acclaimed South African poet Ingrid Jonker and André P Brink, renowned South African author. Brink and Jonker’s two year fervent and tragic long-distance love affair is told, or rather expressed, by three musicians through their own individual interpretations of the poems of Jonker, Brink’s biography (A Fork in the Road), the lover letters between Jonker and Brink (A Flame in the Snow) and Brink’s novel The Ambassador.

Marie Stander

Together Luna Paige, Nick Turner and Jamie Jupiter composed 10 songs for the production. These songs were later recorded and subsequently nominated for a South African Music Award. At the 2018 Woordfees, a widely known Afrikaans literary festival, the creators added the theatrical element. Christine Truter and Wessel Pretorius, who utilises dialogue inspired by the lover’s letters and Brink’s biography, beautifully perform the theatrical production, adding a special and poignant dynamic to the music.

The purpose of this fund-raising initiative is to, as they say; take the show on the road. The aim is to make performances in Belgium and the Netherlands possible. In order to make these performances even more exceptional, ten visual artists have been asked to create artwork inspired by the songs as well as the material employed in the composition and the theatrical dialogue.

These works will be given creative life by being exhibited and projected during the musical and theatrical production. The works will be auctioned at this exclusive event.

As mentioned, the three musicians involved in the production, and nominated for a SAMA, are the talented Luna Paige, Nick Turner and Jamie Jupiter. The theatrical element is written by Luna Paige, directed by Mareli Pretorius and performed by the celebrated Christine Truter and Wessel Pretorius.

Shany van den Berg

The visual artists that have been asked to contribute are Marie Stander, Christiaan Diedericks, Hanneke Benade, Judy Woodborne, Lisette Forsyth, Ruan Huisamen, Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Antoinette Cloete Nel, Vernon Swart and Shany van den Berg.

Louis Jansen van Vuuren

The production company is Illuminar Productions. The company is three years old and heading into its fourth year in the entertainment industry. Since its inception it has been involved in the organising of numerous shows and in the development and/or management of a variety of music theatre productions including Korreltjie Kantel, Her Blues, My Miriam Makeba Story, Essence of Spring Album Launch and Concerts, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Bowie Baroque.

Korreltjie Kantel and its associated initiatives ultimately reflects on, struggles with and celebrates what it means to be human – with and in love. It also celebrates the work and lives of two extraordinary South African literary figures. We hope that this South African story and uniquely South African production can meaningfully contribute to local and global story telling.

The project will promote and introduce the work of a variety of South African artists and, importantly, will serve to expose a broader audience to Afrikaans language, culture and artistry. The production will also contribute to strengthening the historical and cultural ties between South Africa, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as establishing relationships between cultural organisations, academic institutions, music theatre businesses and industry representatives. These relationships can ensure future touring exchange programs between artists from the three countries and in this way disclose possibilities for future collaborations.

If you are interested in attending this special evening and taking part in the auction, contact Luna Paige (Iluminar Productions). lunapaigemusic@gmail.com.