May Editorial

Technology versus craft or should they, can they be combined in the learning process especially at a young age?

As a child I grew up with both parents talented and very hard working. They didn’t have the benefits of technology that we have today but I know my parents would have embraced the concept for the added value it can and undoubtedly does bring to many lives today.

As child in today’s world I would possibly be labelled as hyper active or worse. I was an extremely active and lively child with a curiosity about how things worked.  Both parents were probably very aware of these qualities and whatever I showed interest in they would guide and assist.  And I am so fortunate they did.

We all have different talents. Developing them and working on them is what is difficult.  That is where good teaching can play a vital role especially from parents as they are our original. teachers.

This is not to place more responsibility on the already overloaded shoulders of teachers but more of a changing of a fixed mind-set that includes family members

From my father I learnt how to draw to scale using building plans and then seeing the practical implementation on his building. sites.

From both parents the glory of colour and texture used in different media.  Father in coloured glass used in his lead light works or stained glass windows. Mother with her knitting yarns, embroidery silks, woollen rugs.

Learning to sing on car trips and keep time and rhythm and pitch of sound has been invaluable in my musical training.

Are we using the inherited skills that so many parents and families have to promote the customs and integrate past knowledge for future usage?

Preserving recipes from the past and the customs and uploading data. The best of the past updated with new products.

Learning to knit, crochet and weave.  Mathematical principals prevail. Using fitting the garments for anatomy study and how the body needs to be accommodated to allow movement. This could lead to job creation by adding basic economics of supply and demand.

Group singing and movement brings about co-ordination so valuable in many work situations.

Please let me know what projects exist out there and how they are being implemented.  So many children after school idle away their hours because their learning has not captured their imagination.

Let us capture that imagination and put it to good use.