Honeybelle, Marguerite & Goya


HONEYBELLE:  We three and our humans went for a drive to places some distance from our home.  When we got to Blaauwberg we two were taken for a lovely long walk on the beach wearing our leads. We also splashed in the sea water. There were a number of other dogs running about – off leads.  Some did not bother us and went about their business.  Others came over to check us over, had a bit of a rumble/tumble in the sand with our human keeping an eye for any rough stuff!

MARGUERITE:   It was a sunny day when we went for our outing and with the windows half way open a light breeze kept the inside of the car cool.  Driving inland we saw quite a lot of cows, sheep and some horses. Not creatures one sees many of on suburban roads.  Mind you I am just thinking there are quite a few small horse and carts around in some local places used for delivering goods the owners cannot otherwise move.

Sea gull at Blaauwberg Beach

GOYA:   There were a lot of birds around here and on the beach sand, mostly sea gulls with black and white feathers much bigger than me but rather plain. At that my human said ”Goya! do not be so conceited.  We know you are a handsome fellow with all those lovely coloured feathers but other birds are as attractive even though they do not strut green, orange, yellow and azure feathers.”  “I Kept quiet.”