An emerging South African artist from Orkney, Kanana in the North West


I am a young, 23 year old emerging South African artist from Orkney, Kanana in the North West

I completed my Degree in Industrial Psychology and Labour Relations in 2017 at the North West University Potchefstroom Where I am currently working as an HR assistant. 

 I studied Visual Arts in High School, specifically painting. After High School I took a major break from painting to focus on obtaining my degree, after which I then decided to give art my utmost attention.

Ever since I finished my degree I have never stopped painting. As the artist that I am, I do not want to look at art with the eye of only making money. For me,  art is a language that I use to speak to people, to tell a story, to teach and to communicate a message. I want my artwork to change lives and to make an impact in communities and society as a whole.

Intombazane Yase Zulu (The Zulu girl) Acrylic on Canvas

I am currently working on my first art collection called Setso-African Identiy, which is a body of work embracing who we are and where we come from as Africans. Setso is a sotho word meaning Culture. This art collection is deeply inspired by my very own personal need to find and understand who I am as an African child in a post-apartheid, post-colonized, globalised world that we live in.  It can become very difficult to find yourself and where you come from in a world that is multi-cultured. Although a multi-cultured society is highly beneficial, I believe that it is important for individuals to know who they are through learning and understanding, to preserve their culture and to pass it on to future generations.

Umfazi womXhosa (The Xhosa Woman) Acrylic on Canvas

My art collection consists of paintings that portray culture and identity in the African spectrum. I am currently working on cultures within South Africa, which I am mostly exposed to. My favourite pieces are, The Ndebele Woman, Intombazane Ya se Zulu (The Zulu girl), Umfazi womXhosa (The Xhosa Woman) and “Caught in the dancing trance” A painting about Tswana dancer caught in the trance of dancing. I have other paintings within the collection, some of which I am still working on.

Caught in the dancing trance Acrylic on Canvas

With this art collection, I hope not only to create a conversation amongst ourselves where we can not only learn more about our cultures but also embrace our roots and preserve our ways. We are a nation filled with very beautiful cultures  which in the past were not embraced. Most of our youth grew up in a world where they were not taught about their roots, nor taught to embrace who they are. We are mostly caught in the latest trends, what looks good now and we are hardly told about who we were then. I find it crucial to know this because when you know where you come from you will know where you are going. This is an African proverb that we were told by our grandparents and they were told by their grandparents etc.