The diversity of the cultural scene in our country always intrigues me. The innovation and bravery the artists from all the genres show when opening their artistic abilities for public viewing impresses me.  The public can be very critical and the less knowledgeable even more so.  Is ignorance truly a handicap? It is if you choose to stay that way.

To those who have chosen to work and hone their skills in their chosen field of endeavour examine all criticism and advice and if you think it will not be of benefit or enhance your work, discard it and listen to your own instinct and creativity.

With elections nearly upon us  I offer the same advice to politicians. How will you practically bring about what you are promising and have you kept your past promises? We need practical people and those with knowledge to bring about the changes we so desperately need.     And please, let us throw away the `the race card’ and move forward to living our lives with respect for each other.