Marguerite, Goya & Honey Belle – Dr Dawn Gould

Marguerite the beautiful

MARGUERITE:    We had a visitor upstairs.  We heard our human call “quick bring the camera, there is a gecko who wants a picture taken.”    After lots of excitement and picture taking, the gecko hung around perhaps for more attention.  

These small lizards eat insects, they have toe pads and climb smooth and vertical spaces – this information from our humans. After all was quiet again I sat staring at him/her running around the ceilings of different rooms. I walked with my head in an upright position following the movements. It looks like the lizard is moving upside down.   Mind you after a while my neck began to feel sore, so it was goodbye to the visitor.

Goya – quality checking seams

GOYA:   I have been taken around the garden.   Not sitting on my human’s shoulder but being carried around, for safety in a smaller cage – my big cage, is much too heavy  to be carried about.   Oh dear !  the plants do need water but the humans say,  “the rains will come.”  Now back to my job – checking the details.

Honey Belle -the Nurse

HONEY BELLE: “ Our humans have had colds.  First one then the other.” Relaxing meant we could keep them warm and give them lots of cuddles.    They are much better now.