March 2019 Editorial

As we march ever closer to March, exhortations from all sides urge us to be Positive! Now there is positive and then there is the Ostrich with its head in the sand approach.

Personally I find a hard negative look at one’s problems can lead you to find ways to improve a situation.  Then it is about being prepared to take the correct and often not popular path of changing what needs to be changed.

In similar vein to what I have previously said many often overlook the basic requirements where they are the building blocks without which there can be no development.

You hear many young people today say they want to go to University.  When you ask what they want to study many appear to think that is not important.  Ask why and you will be told because I can get a good job (well paying is what is meant).

Creatives in all fields who believe talent with no training will be sufficient to make them famous and being different is enough to attract the attention of the paying clients.

Times are changing and technology is going to bring about even greater changes and challengers but let us not lose sight of what is important in life.  And each individual will have different ideas about that as well and that is as it should be so long as you do no harm along your pathway to your good life.