Honey Bell, Goya and Marguerite – Dr Dawn Gould

HONEY BELLE :  Did you know that I am studying?’   Studying what did I hear you ask?   That thingy that my humans are always staring at and which gave them lots of problems during the last ten days of December 2018.  Anyway I have just begun and so far am doing lots of staring. I really like to see all the pictures. Unfortunately my paws are rather large and instead of hitting one key I hit three or four at once.  Spelling too is not my forte. Practice I am told makes perfect.   SIGH………

GOYA:   I was in the dog box the other day! As I am a bird I could not understand what a dog box is.  Still pretty Marguerite explained it was when one has done something bad/wrong.  I gave that some thought as I am really a very good sort of chap. Oh! Then it struck me. I had been sitting on the base of my human’s chair, minding my own business. I had already checked out the bin where she throws unwanted bits and pieces of paper, nothing of interest there so I had moved to the chair base and sat and contemplated. Then she got up unexpectedly. I, not  wanting to fall on the ground, held onto her ankle!   Oh dear, oh dear what a shriek she gave!  Such a performance for just a little nip.  After all I had to hold on to her ankle with my beak. The nip had to be washed, then sprayed with an antiseptic and then had a plaster put over the nip.  Really some women do make a fuss.

MARGUERITE :   I had a beauty treatment. A special shampoo was bought, out came towels brushes and combs. After careful cutting and washing of my long fur, I was dried in the warm sunshine. I was carefully brushed and then taken for a short walk.  I really am a very lucky lady dog. But I don’t like my hair being cut!