Goya, Honey Belle and Marguerite meet new visitors.

Goya, Honey Belle & Marguerite

GOYA:    “We had a laugh the other day when I mixed up the name of a fruit with the name of British playwright, William Shakespeare”.

“It happened like this.  We had seen an owl in our garden. (Spotted eagle owl)   It attracted a lot of people and photographs were taken. The owl just sat among the almond tree branches and observed.  As it happens my human is interested in birding especially owls and even has lots of small ceramic versions of these birds.  One day she was telling a visitor of this owl’s time in our garden.”  The visitor said “what is the interest in owls?”  Human said “it is a bird that one will find in mythology and literature.”

The visiting owl

“I did not know what those words meant but I had heard something about pears.  At the word pears I got all excited and tried hopping over to the fruit bowl.  You know I love my fruit!  When the humans saw where I was headed laughter started and I heard”……

“Oh Goya, you are a greedy little chap, we were talking about Shakespeare the playwright not something for your little tummy.” “Oh well I will have to improve the meaning of English words”.


“My human thinks I am a good and clever girl!  I heard her telling someone how I always come and call her when Goya decides to take a walk about – he does this when he wants to know what everyone is doing.  When I see him fly down to the floor I quickly go and stare at my lady. My intense stare tells her she needs to see what Goya is up to.  I do not think he likes me and somehow I cannot get him to realize we could have lots of fun. He could jump on my back and we could run about downstairs and upstairs. I could introduce him to lots of things he has not seen yet.  But somehow my interest does not seem to interest him”.


“At midnight one Tuesday I went for a quick stroll in the back garden.  As I was sniffing around what did I see? A large frog standing right in front of me.  We eyed each other; I did think I should ask him for some credentials. I mean to say he could be a prince in hiding.  Mmmnnn, no, don’t think so, and no way was I kissing a frog. Mind you he did not seem too thrilled to see me either.  We politely, simply went our different way. “

Prince Charming in Disguise – I don’t think!